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How To Market Yourself (And Your Business)

Need help with your online presence? Want to gain a larger customer base. Read on!

Last month we touched on a few blogs that you can follow to not only maintain your business but grow it. Now, we will be getting more in depth on how to grow your business via various marketing methods and techniques.

Social Media:

One of the best ways to market not only yourself but also your business is through the use of a social media page. Facebook, Twitter, and even Google+ are three of the biggest leaders in the business social media world, and are where you should start your marketing platforms. and the communities built around them.

First thing’s first: What are people going to see even before they open your page? Your pictures and cover photos. Profile pics are very important in the depiction of your company’s branding and should be accompanied with any relevant information, such as business websites, and all other social media platforms that they can find you on along with the tag of your business with depictions of what it is your business does. If you are a restaurant, have some of your signature dishes featured; if you specialize in paving or mechanical work, show us your finished products, or depict exactly what you work on; etc.

Also, remember who you are. And don’t let your web page visitors forget it either. List anything that could grab their attention, along with basic info of your establishment such as: business hours, contact information, store address, etc. After you cement your necessary info, solidify who you are to the audience. Have a picture with the workers in the office, even ‘fun’ pictures will work- as long as they achieve the goal of making you both more relatable and more appealing to work with. The more interest and appeal they have in you as people, the more likely they are to be looking into your business, and seeking your establishment more for their needs.

Seek recognition for your expertise:

One of the most important aspects of Marketing yourself or your business is listing any Professional Training you've completed and having positive recommendations/reviews from past clients. If you have received any type of training and/or certification for anything that has to do with your business or what you are selling, make sure to list that on your website.

The next matter is that of receiving reviews and even recommendations from previous customers. The best places for your customers to do this is either on the Google website itself or via other websites like Yelp. Often, it’s difficult for business to get any reviews, especially at first. The best recommended way to jumpstart/increase reviews, positive ones especially, is by offering your customers a small incentive to review your business online- whether it be via a discount on their purchase or service or even a gift to them with proof of posting.

"A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories, and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.” — Seth Godin

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