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Seasons Greetings

'Tis the season to spread cheer and good will towards all mankind! One of the best ways to do that is by giving gifts to friends and loved ones! But no one wants you to go into debt for the holiday, so let's discuss some ways you can save some money this December!

There are two aspects to staying on top of your funds: NOT spending money, and spending money wisely. If you have trouble with your financial situation and find yourself struggling to make ends meet every month, you may want to rethink how you are spending your money. But during the holidays, it can be especially difficult stay monetarily stable.

Fear not! Here are a few tips for saving money this holiday season:

  • Set a Budget: When buying gifts for the friends and family in your life, set limits to the amount you are willing to spend. By doing this, you'll be able to control how much money you spend in the long run. Maybe decide that all friends will get a $20 limit and all family a $40 (or vice versa!). Keeping your wallet in check is key. You're friends and loved ones will appreciate

  • Make a Secret Santa Lottery : If you have a big family, it will eventually be tough to buy for every single sibling, parent, and cousin. Setting up a system where secret Santas are randomly determined may help. That way, people aren't buying 15 gifts for 15 people, but at least those 15 people all get gifts.

  • Free Events : Sometimes the greatest gift of all is time spent with family! Search online for local events. You could be able to find plenty of free activities for you and your family to enjoy. And spending time together will be a great reminder as to what is truly important this holiday season.


Finally, let's talk about some ideas for making next Christmas even better than this one! This year focus on budgeting out your expenses each month. If you open up a savings account and set aside a little bit out of every paycheck, that amount can be used to fuel your Holiday Fun next year! Whenever you buy non-essentials items, wait 24 hours. If you still want it, buy it. If not, SAVE!

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