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Tracking Bills

First thing’s first. ALWAYS budget your paychecks for your monthly bill payments. Your monthly income should completely cover any billing you have incoming so make sure that you are prepared for them. Know how much you are going to owe, and understand when and how you are going to pay them.

Knowing where and even exactly how to pay your bills is also a part of the fun, isn’t it? Well, let us help.

Paying bills is always the most stressful part of the month, whether it be all at the beginning, end, or for those lucky few- scattered all throughout. However, they are always on the same day. Therefore, should not have been a surprise. Plan ahead on any payments that you are planning to add on, from the new car payment plan to the new video game coming out this month. An expense is an expense.


The 3 most common ways to pay bills :

  1. Online payment, which is straight to the company often on their website or an affiliate of theirs.

  2. Payment by mail is also a popular choice, put a check or money order into an envelope and send it off to the address on the pre-addressed envelope. Notice how I did not say to put cash in the envelope, never mail cash. There could be a problem along the way like a theft or there will even be companies that won't accept the payment at all. To avoid late fees this way, make sure to send the check or money order as soon as possible. From a few days to even a week, just make sure that your payment is received and processed by the end of the day on the date it’s due.

  3. The final option to paying your bills is simply going down to their local company branch or office and pay for it directly there. This payment is one of the only ones known to accept cash along with the usual money order and check. Some locations even accept savings accounts, credit and debit cards, or even ATM payments. This form is very convenient.


Mastering the payment process is the first step to mastering your bills.

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